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Canadian Digidestined. Actor, Writer, Palmist, Oscar Nominee

I’ve got into a quarrel with my loved one over something that I think I have the right to be passionate about.

My cereal tastes so much different this morning, and not in a good way.

Finally, some girl I went to school with all my life has deleted me on Facebook (and I normally wouldn’t care but like she was one of my good friends for a while). And what really bothers me is that she just works at Walmart so it’s not like she is doing better than me at life or something.

Nowadays I just buy wedges of Brie and eat it solo.
At first I wasn’t proud of myself…. But since it’s become a habit I figure what the heck

I have a shitty job as a bartender.

I got super depressed and started spending all my money on Pokémon merchandise.

ARTPOP finally came out and I’m super glad it met my expectations.